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Our Mission Statement

Our Business Consulting Solution allows us to listen to you and your needs. We evaluate your business and go over what can be done to not only help them with your current issues, but set you up for success well into the future. We utilize our ever growing list of solutions and our partners to match you with the perfect fitting solutions and services. You also save 5% on any of our in house solutions we match you with during your consultation!

What's The Cost?

1-3 Hours
4-6 Hours
7+ Hours
Free 15-Minute Intake
$100 Retainer Fee
Max. $295*
Max. $490*
Min. $520*
5% Discount
10% Discount

Our Business Consultation has a one-hour minimum, then billed in 15-minute increments. So if for example you have our consultation for one hour and 37 minutes, you would be billed for one hour and 45 minutes of time.
*Cost Including Retainer Fee

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